Monday, May 04, 2009

AOL acquires resume-builiding site Emurse

I somehow missed this, but AOL acquired resume building site Emurse last month. Emurse allows you to build, store, and share your resume online. The design of the site looks excellent and it looks like an easy to use tool for job seekers.

Great to see some acquisitions going on in the recruiting space. As far as I can tell, the founders of the company were former AOL employees who struck out on their own before being acquired by their former bosses. No word on the purchase price, but I imagine it was enough to make the founders quite happy. Congrats!


Anonymous said... is next..

SiliconMBA said...

Interesting? Why would you think that?

Tom said...

Great deal, Congrats to them!

Unknown said...

How much was acquired for?

I noticed that there are a few others... / / /

Anonymous said...

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Writing Professional said...

Instead of chronologically listing your job profiles the resume must emphasize with clarity your accomplishments.

danny said...

the biggest acquisition will be that of, the worlds largest database for CV's and Resumes