Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stanford GSB Interview Questions

When applying to the Stanford GSB, a bunch of my friends came up with common interview questions for the admissions process. At Stanford, you have to be interviewed to get accepted. They interview only about 25% of applicants so getting an interview is a good sign! Hopefully this non-official list of Stanford GSB interview questions helps:

Stanford Specific Questions

Tell me about your background. Why do you want to change from your current career? What do you want to do? Why? And how will the Stanford MBA help.

Why do you want to go back to school?

Why Stanford?

Clubs you’d be interested in joining at Stanford?

What other schools did you apply to and why Stanford?

If you don’t get an MBA offer, what will you do?

What value you can bring to Stanford?

What are your Long-term/Short-term goals?

Leadership / Team Work

Tell me about how you dealt with someone who was terrible to work with and how you handled it

Tell me about a leadership experience you’ve had.

Tell me about a time you’ve failed – what did you do?

Tell me about a time you were in a team and achieved a great outcome

Tell me about a time when you displayed leadership.

What is you leadership style?


A book you’ve read recently and what you learned from it.

What books have you read that were unrelated to work?

Tell me about something you are interested in outside of work – why does this excite you?

What questions do you have for me? (this was w/ about 15 minutes left, so is important to have good questions)


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