Thursday, March 12, 2009

Adsense can undermine your message

I put Adsense on this blog a couple of months ago to better understand how online advertising and monetization of content works. It's still a bit of a mystery to me if/why people click on advertisements so I thought perhaps I could learn by minor experimentation. The downside of using these ads are it sullies the purity of your site while simultaneously not making you very much money (based on the traffic of Silicon MBA anyways).

One weird thing I've noticed so far is that adsense can seriously undermine the message of your post. Yesterday, I wrote about critizing for engaging in a predatory business model. Today, I open up the post and my site is full of advertisements for and other online credit led generation services! My message about criticizing it's business model is a little undermined, don't you think?

I imagine this happens a lot. If you write a negative review about some company or practice and then ads endorsing that company or practice start showing up. I wonder how many vegans write blogs financed by ads from Omaha steaks?

Perhaps as Google Adsense gets smarter and understands the semantic meaning of the text, this sort of mistargeting won't take place.


Unknown said...

Let us all rejoice the return of SiliconMBA, the best darn blog to cover the combined topics of job boards, business school, and spamming science!

SiliconMBA said...

Yes. Hopefully Daveman will resurrect his blog as well!