Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Loan Consolidation & Insurance is a Yummy Business

Dudes, below is a listing of the most expensive google keywords. If you click on google ads related to these things, the companies pay around $50 to google. Crazy! I'm going to run an experiment where I start putting google ads on this site to verify if this is true. Shocking, no?

school loan consolidation - $69.16
college loan consolidation - $68.35
car insurance quotes - $66.88
school consolidation - $66.29
auto insurance quotes - $65.90 c
ollege consolidation - $64.04
student loan consolidation rates - $60.14
sell structured settlement - $59.82
sell annuity - $58.92
federal student loan consolidation - $58.58
auto quotes - $58.09
auto insurance quote - $57.99
student consolidation - $56.96
student loan consolidation - $56.91
student loan consolidation interest rate - $56.52
consolidate student loan - $54.61
san diego dui attorney - $54.56
car insurance - $53.16
structured settlement - $52.96
consolidate school loans - $52.88
student loan refinance - $52.44
consolidation of student loans - $52.43
consolidation loan rate - $52.04
citibank student loan consolidation - $51.85
car insurance quote - $51.80
consolidate student loans - $51.23
private student loan consolidation - $51.05
lasik new york - $49.86
student loans consolidation - $49.82
private loan consolidation - $48.95
insurance quotes - $48.78
teleconference services - $48.72
the art institute of seattle - $48.68
federal loan consolidation - $48.61
plus loan consolidation - $47.74
student loan consolidation programs - $47.58
bad credit equity loan - $47.46
houston criminal attorney - $47.44
student loan consolidation calculator - $47.19
cash settlement - $47.12
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orlando culinary institute - $46.84
student loan consolidation program - $46.77
orlando culinary institute - $46.69
consolidation loan - $46.54
loan consolidation - $46.54
ditech - $46.32
auto quote - $45.77
sallie mae student loan consolidation - $45.69


caffinemarketing said...

hey, i loved your article on college loan consolidation. i wrote an article of my own at which has a ton of good tips

Dan said...

No, you do not make that kind of money, but you should run the ads. They really run like $.05- $.50 an ad.

Azazelo said...

Agree...Thanks for the good post. School loans are applied for by many students these days. It is for the hope that school loans can greatly support their education. Its a nice and good article , thank you. See also:
Federal student loan repayment program.
Student Loan Debt Consolidation.
College Student Loan Consolidation..
Nice list of federal agencies.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get this info? I would like to find a more extensive list of high value phrases for my own business purposes.

Thank you,
Justin Baker

Pauline said...

Are you a student who is your own guardian? Don’t die paying all these lenders while you can comfortably pay one and evade a difficult life. Defaulted student loans can get so cruel. It means your credit history is destroyed, options for delaying credit like forbearance and deferment are rejected and you are in for a full loan payment. And guess what, your wages are affected, federal income tax is withheld and yet chances of getting other federal loans reduces.

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Anonymous said...

Unsecured loans are the loans where you are not required to pledge any collateral and collateral free loans are meant to be burden free loans.You can have the unsecured loans for debt consolidation, home improvement, to run smoothly your business, to buy a car of your choice or to go for an exotic holiday.There are unsecured loans for the bad credit holders too.With unsecured loans, there is no fear factor and there is the talk of benefits only.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

A person with credit problems is not offered any financial assistance due to the risk factors.
However taking these problems in to account, lenders are now offering no credit check loans.Any borrower with credit problems such as CCJs, IVA, arrears, defaults etc can apply for these type.
No Credit Check Loans allow bad credit borrowers to enjoy financial freedom, by offering finances at the best terms and conditions.

Poly Muthumbi said...

By going for STUDENT LOAN CONSOLIDATION , some of the companies will help you recover and clear your bad credit history name, pay for this pressuring loan and offer comfortable interest rates than you can manage. Life must go on, loans do not forgive. Check this out STUDENT ISSUES

Poly Muthumbi said...

When I think of DEFAULTED STUDENT LOANS , I get vexed because I would not like to fall prey to this embarrassing scenario, not for one second! Defaulted Student Loans can get you so devastated that it irks for the rest of your life. Yet it may not be your willpower for it to happen. It may have been an unavoidable reason, like problems at home or incapacitation.

Angelo Drew said...

Those with bad credit can easily get a bad credit loan. Just be sure to compare rates from different companies and lenders to find the best bad credit unsecured loans with the best terms that you can comply with.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Jassica said...

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